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All have the colours as below: white, bone, apricot, water cyan, pink, carnelian red, jewel blue

  • Product:01 column basinSize:410X510X810
  • Product:01 hugienical basinSize:580X415X220
  • Product:01 up-table basinSize:460X520X210
  • Product:02 up-table basinSize:470X560X200
  • Product:01 under-table basinSize:470X400X200
  • Product:02 under-table basinSize:520X425X210
  • Product:02 column basinSize:580X430X820
  • Product:KC3400 basinSize:630X505X190
  • Product:KC3500 basinSize:560X470X200
  • Product:01 half-hung basinSize:
  • Product:01 boards linked basinSize:700X440X770
  • Product:02 boards linked basinSize:800X490X760
  • Product:03 boards linked basinSize:600X430X760