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All have the colours as below: white, bone, apricot, water cyan, pink, carnelian red, jewel blue

  • Product:109AS Squat closestoolSize:630X430X260
  • Product:110AS Squat closestoolSize:620X450X250
  • Product:111AS Squat closestoolSize:620X450X250
  • Product:112AS Squat closestoolSize:625X440X250
  • Product:102A-1 Squat closestoolSize:580X420X200
  • Product:210A Squat closestoolSize:620X450X310
  • Product:107AS Squat closestoolSize:610X445X260
  • Product:118AS Squat closestoolSize:530X400X220
  • Product:104B Squat closestoolSize:550X400X155
  • Product:118A Squat closestoolSize:530X400X170
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